Petrof klavieres

Stila kolekcija / Style collection

Stila kolekcijas pianīnu modeļi radušies no veiksmīgiem tās pašas sērijas flīģeļu modeļiem. Pateicoties lielajam roku darba  apjomam, katrs Stila kolekcijas instruments ir oriģināls mākslas darbs.  Stila kolekcijas sērijai ir liela popularitāte mūsu klientu vidū, un tieši šī iemesla dēļ tā ir kļuvusi par mūsu produkcijas neatņemamu sastāvdaļu.

P 118 R1 Rococo

As its name suggests, the P 118 R1 upright is built by our piano-making craftsmen in the Rococo style. This ensures it a place in interiors and halls of the same originally French style. The Rococo model is most remarkable for being white with patinaed features, making it as decorative as its rich, soft and romantic tone – typical of all PETROF instruments.

P 118 C1 Chippendale

In building this instrument we devote special attention to the wood carving. Its precise design makes the P 118 C1 upright a work of art in the style of Chippendale. The piano goes with any matching interior , where it will draw attention with its perfect construction and its characteristic singing tone, which will stir the hearts of every pianist and his audience.

P 118 D1 Demichippendale

The P 118 D1 from the Style Collection derives from successful grand pianos of the same series. The Demichippendale is remarkable for its elegant lines, and has the same typical romantic sound. You can add to the uniqueness of the instrument by choosing from a wide palette of the most varied finishes. This means you can easily match the instrument to interiors of similar style.