Petrof klavieres

Īpašā kolekcija / Special collection

Īpašās kolekcijas unikālās klavieres ir izgatavotas, lai izpildītu mūsu visprasīgāko klientu vēlmes. Šajā kolekcijā esošie mūzikas instrumenti ir kvalitatīvi un precīzi, un katrs instruments savā veidā ir unikāls. Un, protams, tiem ir maigs, smalks un romantisks tonis, kas raksturīgs visiem PETROF instrumentiem.

Tiger Wood

The instrument, dominated by the Tiger wood veneer, is designed for lovers of a pure and modern design who want to celebrate the anniversary with us. This hard wood, appreciated for its beautiful wood grain and structure, resembles flames of fire. In order to bring their warmth to your soul, you just need to sit down and let the typical rounded, romantic tone of this model enter your heart. In that moment you will feel why this model is so popular.

Walnut Root

Walnut, a traditional tree in our latitudes, draws its strength from its deep roots, and thank to them, it can survive centuries. We have also returned to our roots and humor of our ancestors, who very fondly used the walnut burl. A look at the beautiful wood grain of this veneer will bring you to their times. You will best honor their memory when you sound that piano. After all, thanks to their work, we can celebrate this beautiful anniversary.


The PETROF upright piano in a dramatic red is a unique instrument. You cannot fail to notice it! We know it is not for everyone – some will want a colour to go with their favourite car, of their home interior. We can cover any model of PETROF piano with any colour you can imagine. Why not romantic lilac or ocean blue? Everything is possible!


The P 127 upright is an instrument of contemporary modern design. It is characterised by its clean lines, rectangular forms and high-grade materials refined to the finest detail. The instrument is intended for contemporary interiors with modern, minimalistic furniture. We can produce the cabinet sections in almost any finish – from natural veneers to the most diverse shades of colour that best show off its high gloss. The upper panels of this piano can be easily changed. You can alter the piano’s appearance to match the style of your interior or your current mood.

Magic Egg

This unique instrument combines the brainchild of Ing. arch. Robert Fišera with the diligence, skill and single-mindedness of our workforce. More than 150 years of tradition, experience, patenting and innovation have gone into producing the masterpiece that is the PETROF Magic Egg – its heart full of love and protected by a futuristic and breath-taking shell. In the course of its construction, our employees have devoted themselves to every detail, from the selection of the best quality materials, through precise construction processes, to its sumptuous finish.


The model for this piano was a design by Ing. arch. Robert Fišera. The instrument has modern, rectangular forms, and for its finish we have opted for a wenge veneer combined with light ivory. However, this model has a variable design and as with the P 127 we can alter its appearance to match your interior or whatever wishes you may have. The panels can be easily changed and we can produce them to order in almost any finish.