We offer piano accessories – piano stools, piano climate control systems, piano rolls, and piano repair parts.

Piano stools

Banqueta para piano BG1

Upright piano stools / Hidrau model

In this section you will find the appropriate piano stools for upright pianos. A wide variety of models to choose the best one which fits with your piano´s design.

Hidrau Tech

Hidrau Tech

After several years of effort and investment in research and development, we have created this innovative system with the goal to facilitate the piano stool adjustment in height in an automatic way without any effort, Hidrau Tech offers the silence and comfort that any pianist needs for the very best musical interpretation and performance. Unlike the rest of the products of the market, Hidrau Tech represents a new generation  of piano stools where the user take the control of a modern, innovating system thought exclusively as a essential tool for the pianist can execute his job masterfully. The mechanism of Hidrau Tech is patented worldwide by Hidrau Model S.L. Only turning the knob 30º, upholstery rises automatically. 

Concert stools

Concert piano stools

Piano stools for Grand pianos for the most demanding pianists. High-density padded, very stable mechanism and levelers in the legs are the main features of these piano stools group.

Academy stool BM21

Music academy piano stools

These piano stools are characterized to be made of metal, therefore they have a high stability and have an automatic mechanism very easy to adjust. These are the best ones for music conservatories and music schools where they use them intensively.

Low cost piano stool X10/1

Low cost piano stools

Low cost series have been created to adapt us to the new tendencies market require us. They are characterized by having low cost with a very acceptable quality. The design, manufacturing and distribution are controlled by Hidrau Model, so we can guarantee a proper functionality and quality.

Adjustable chair SG16

Style piano stools

In this piano stools section you will find stylish piano stools like: adjustable chairs which are characterized for having a nice and useful backrest, fixed piano stools which do not have adjustment, double piano stools to play four-hands and funny designs piano stools like X6.