Low cost piano stools

Low cost series have been created to adapt us to the new tendencies market require us. They are characterized by having low cost with a very acceptable quality. The design, manufacturing and distribution are controlled by Hidrau Model, so we can guarantee a proper functionality and quality.

Low cost piano stool X10/1

Piano stool adjustable in height for grand piano with dual cross mechanism. The padded  upholstery capitone design, handmade, has a  40 mm high density foam and the upholstered has a skirt which hiddens the mechanism. Its dual cross mechanism system is very robust and durable and provides high accuracy to adjust it.

Low cost piano stool X30

Piano stool adjustable in height made of wood and varnished with polyester. Flat upholstered with density padded 30 and dual cross mechanism very stable.

Low cost piano stool X5

Piano stool adjustable with under-seat storage space to keep sheet music, made of hardwood and finished with polyester. Padded upholstered density 30 and a very stable dual cross mechanism. Adjustable in height with dual cross mechanism.