We, the Larionovi family, are family that is skilled and experienced in piano tuning and restoration, and we have learned this craft from one generation to another.


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Why piano tuning is necessary? Tuned pianos mean habituation to the correct sounds and musical auditory development, not its damage. 

Piano should be tuned and regulated at least once a year, because tension of the string is 20 tons, which means that, even if we don’t play, they can start to sound not correct by themselves. 

The most complicated is not to tune a piano, but to strengthen the tuning - it's what we've learned and to what we pay the most attention to so that instrument can serve you for many years and create a clean and pleasant sound. That can not be offered by unqualified tuners, who can damage your instruments because of lack of necessary skills.

During the transportation it is very important to prevent damage to the instrument and it can be done so by professionals who not only deliver your instrument without damage, but also protect their health. The piano has a cast iron frame, which is the heaviest and in the same time most fragile element of the instrument and it is very important to know that frame cracks are not capable of being repaired.

The price of transport in Riga from the first to the first floor - 70 EUR.

We are interested in selling you the best and according to the musical level the most appropriate musical instruments! 

We offer not only restored, but also new musical instruments in a wide rangeю

So you can compare them with each other and order from a particular manufacturer. 

All pianos and pianos undergo a full maintenance and, if necessary, we will make the repairs.

We give guaranty to each instrument that we sell you (for new piano 5 years, used - 1 year).

Restoration means musical instrument overhaul. An integral part of instrument’s longevity is the master’s high-quality invested work.For example, the Stradivari violin, whose average age is 200 to 250 years and whose value is very high, the main component is a resonator - wood. These violins are also "proud" with their age and sound, which are derived by the old tree, which is "accustomed" to the musicPiano Restoration means the restoration of a resonator, many mechanical parts replacement, including parts, responsible for musical tuning. After the restoration of old instrument, the same that has already grown accustomed to the music through many years and has learned to create sounds that are played by you or you parents, will begin a new life, and at the same time will be as a new instrument that is ready to serve and not for a year or two, but for decades. We also offer restoration for a separate cover or parts of piano.

We provide advice and recommendations on any of the piano, pianinos, or grand piano issues.

Master will help you to avoid a wrong choise as a musical instrument has a lot of the networking features. For instrument music is the most important part not it’s appearance, and only master can define whether it has the future or not. Therefore, we don’t recommend to buy musical instruments by yourselves.

We buy our sold, as well as other music instruments.

We offer both a wide range of manufacturers produced pianos and grand pianos for different musical levels - from elementary to professional.

Also, we offer rental pianos for a long time for testing them in case you can not afford to buy them at the moment or if you want to make sure your child has a desire to engage in music.

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