Master series

The instruments in this series display the meticulous manual work of our highly experienced master pianomakers. An instrument of this sort normally takes 9-12 months to build and bears the names of the skilled pianomakers, the intoners and the tuners as well as the good name of the entire Petrof family. Pianos of the Master series are intended for use by professionals and in concert halls, where their romantic, soft and unusually rich tone tone will resound to best advantage. Dozens of experienced pianists, with their knowledge and close scrutiny, have contributed to the development of every instrument, and helped us to achieve even greater perfection.

P 284 Mistral

We present to you our masterpiece, the flagship of the PETROF brand – the Mistral concert grand. Measuring 2,840 mm in length it is our largest piano, and is beloved of musicians the world over chiefly for its tremendous bass and resonant treble. Artists find in it a trusty companion when performing the most demanding works; it also has a highly presentable appearance and possesses the soft, romantic tone so characteristic of all PETROF grand pianos.

P 237 Monsoon

The Monsoon grand boasts a refined, balanced sound, which is best suited to large music halls and recording studios. It has a characteristic romantic tone, and allows musicians complete scope for the expression of their feelings with its faultless action and speed of response. This is an instrument built by the best and most experienced masters of their craft. It represents the optimal balance between size and performance and makes for an impressive addition to a prestigious hotel or any other formal space.

P 210 Pasat

PETROF’s best-selling grand piano and the darling of musical exhibitions – this is the masterly P210 Pasat grand. Its dimensions allow its sound to stand out even in the smallest spaces: chamber music salons, studios and in the home. Anywhere you choose it will conjure up the atmosphere of the most famous concert halls. The list of its successes fills us with parental pride. We shall feel honoured if you too fall in love with its romantic, clear and singing tone.