Why piano tuning is necessary? Tuned pianos mean habituation to the correct sounds and musical auditory development, not its damage. 

Piano should be tuned and regulated at least once a year, because tension of the string is 20 tons, which means that, even if we don’t play, they can start to sound not correct by themselves. 

The most complicated is not to tune a piano, but to strengthen the tuning - it's what we've learned and to what we pay the most attention to so that instrument can serve you for many years and create a clean and pleasant sound. That can not be offered by unqualified tuners, who can damage your instruments because of lack of necessary skills.

Regular service once a year in Riga
(includes tuning, adjustmentpreventioncleaning and minor repairs)
45 EUR 60 EUR
Tuning 35 EUR 50 EUR
Additional work  from 10 EUR  from 20 EUR 
cleaning  10 EUR 20 EUR
Adjusting mechanic part and keyboard 30 EUR 40 EUR
Transportation costs outside Riga 0,20 EUR/Km 0,20 EUR/Km

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